The Best Way to Tree Plantation in Current Period of Time


Tree Plantation; Choose Autumn or Winter session if you want to saves your time but you can plant it any session. If you planted in Spring or Summer more water to will not needed otherwise you are going to attenuate your tree. Never plant your tree in a place where water is already present.


Select an area where are you going to plant your tree. Keep in mind that all area is not suitable for tree plantation unless you make it suitable. Usually area containing hard soil that’s loosening using a proper garden hoe. Selection of best garden hoe is always critical and apply proper fertilization according to your soil property. You can apply organic material to improve the structure of heavy and sandy soil.

Create drainage system where the soil over the drainage contain root of the tree equal.


Transfer your selected plant in planting area after removing any types of wrapping packaging materials.

Dig a plant hole in such a way; usually two to three times than your plant root.

Use square hole and not circular hole for better root spreading

Plants that are already delivered from nursery in container; watering it before plantation and wet the bare rooted tree at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes before plantation.

Place your tree carefully into the selected hole so that the roots are not harmed with extra shaking during plantation. Place it in the hole in such a way that root flare is under the soil layer. Organic matter may be a better option to fill up the hole with soil.Avoid hard soil; perform watering after plantation.

Using a stake may be a better option for the tree which is not strong enough to stand alone otherwise it may be break any time during air flow over it.


As per security matters and to protect your valuable favorite plant from unwanted situation you have to build a strong fence around the garden where you already planted your tree.

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