Best Garden Hoe – Reviews of Top Brand in The Current Market

Best garden hoe is an agricultural and horticultural hand tool primitive and versatile that the soil is use to mold, weed, clean soil and root crop harvest. Basic education includes the amass of soil around base of plants (drilling), excavation of narrow furrows (drills) and flat plant seeds or onion trenches. Heeled weeding involves the surface of soil or foliage stirring roots and cleans soil old roots and plant remnants. Hoes used to dig and soil in motion use to cultivate root crops such as potatoes.

First of all, many types of hoe in performances and for various purposes and is very difficult to find out  best garden hoe. Some have several functions, while others have a unique and specific functionality.

Simply to say that I am a big fan of gardening tools and especially in Garden Hoe is one of my all-time favorites. It posses great primitive background. We can’t ignore it when come a beautiful garden in our dream.

Various types of Garden Hoe found around us but impossible to say which is best. Its only depends on our day-to-day work. They greatly vary in size and shape.

At least two different types of Hoe required for every person who is using Garden Hoe. One should have a Straight Edge Blade and second one will be a Triangular Shape. We can get those without any difficulty regardless of price. Finally, We are going to compare best garden hoe to find out which one is the Best of the Best garden hoe.

Best Garden Hoe: Japanese Style Garden Hoe

Comes up for easy grip; painted wood handle contain metal ring on the end. Hoe is about 15″ long and best for who are not prefer to work stand alone and not want to work while seating or kneeling that’s makes it best garden hoe. It’s provides greatest durability as it’s has High-quality Japanese stainless steel blade. The Stainless steel blade has sharp edge which is best option for adult gardener.

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First of all, Hoe is known as Chopping Hoe that is most familiar design in Asia. Easily loose dry and compacted soil due to it has sharp-edged blade. Weeds sliced when used as scraper.

Triangular Stainless Steel Blade is durable and it means hoe will stand alone for many years even face toughest weeds or dry soil.

Gardening is more easier for senior citizen who are looking for a lightweight effective gardening tools that will fulfill their day-to-day gardening demand.

Not sturdy enough for blackberries. Cut tree roots but better work if you to loosen soil so you can pull roots out without cutting them. Root is small having 1/4 to 1/2 inch then it can cut easily and Cut bigger tree roots using sharp shovel, hatchet or axe.

You can dig 4 inches furrow using this tools but remember this tool is very sharp, so pass for more depth is quite easy and width of tool is perfect for making furrows. Best tools for the small garden.

Can be considered as best gardening tools for managing a small garden using hand. Provides great opportunity for left handed people as the tool is completely symmetrical so they can work with both hands.


  • First of all, Stand size Hoe who is going to work in seated or kneeling.
  • Painted beautiful Handle design makes its unique that is rare.
  • Small, inexpensive multi-tasked tool.
  • SS Blade has sharp edge that will serve every adult gardener.
  • Easily dig hard or dry Soil
  • Triangular knife sharp blade has heavily digging power.
  • Comes up with Convenient Hanging Ring for hanging after working period.
  • Finally,Light weight and  easy to handle


  • Difficult to cultivate or weeding large area.
  • Avoid Rocky Soil during rough use
  • Pick up Gloves during using it and painted handle is slippery due to its smoothness.

Best garden hoe- ERGIESHOVEL 54 in Steel Shaft Shank Pattern Blade Garden Hoe

Comes up is 54-inch Long professional grade premium north american white ash handle and 7-inch eye hoe. Provides optimum ratio of resistance and flexibility as it’s has white ash handles. Place the hoe in toward into the soil to tightening the head down during digging soil. Well engineered to use for lifetime in farm or ranch. Best for professional use.

Best garden hoe is known as earth chopping monster. Works with heavy forged head and works a little less than 90 degree from handle. Better than a shovel for digging.Widely used in developing country to cultivate and its consider as best garden hoe.


Finally, Produce a positive user experience because handle is incredible and  blades made of steel.Every time you will love it due to its effectiveness which can work almost all situation as per your demand.

You can sharpen it using a file or wheel. You can easily fix the head as First of all, set the head into the wooden handle on the upright position. Finally, drill a pilot hole on to the wood and put a short hex flange screw to fix it though the head has a pre-drilled hole on the collar area.

You can Dig 7- inch opening with wide sharp blade. Best of it’s not so much heavy.

When you get this product you have to attached it but it’ easy to attach. Slides on easily and attached with a small screw.


  • First of all, Heavy duty constructed tools use years after year upon proper maintenance.
  • Suitable for rough use.
  • Ancient design but better to work with.
  • Better resistance and flexibility
  • Life time use in farm or ranch


  • Heavy weight so some gardener fall in trouble to handle it who want to ignore overweight.
  • Receiving your shipment, you have to assembly the Hoe and Handle though the assemble is very easy

Best Garden Hoe-AMES 2915300 Double Blade Weed Grass Cutter with Hardwood Handle, 30 Inch, Brown

30 inch hardwood handle make amazing for smooth operation. Has heat-treated blade and replace blade also available. Works good beneath the surface of the soil as it’s has heat-treated self-sharpen Hula- Ho blade. First of all, when comes up to work under the soil and Ames Double Blade hoe  is the first choice also known as best garden hoe .Chop the weeds from its root.

Working better both in backward and forward with perfect angle and better option for those people suffering in back strain.Finally, Quite simple,  heat-treated and Self sharpening designed in USA give most weed destruction with minimal effort.

It doesn’t work with clay soil. Works well in sandy and light soil to remove smaller weeds. Metal part is easily available and Manufacturer will solve this issue. It does swivel but it wiggles slightly.

Works well in light loamy soil with back and fourth action. In comparison, Scuffle hoe for very narrow row otherwise Hula Hoe is wonderful for weeding.


  • Light weighted and best option for senior gardener in place of wooden handle, provides most weeds destruction in single strike.
  • Being of back and forth action with perfect angle so weeds sliced with minimal effort.
  • Provides most durability either use year after year with minimal maintenance.
  • Due to availability of replacement blade hence easily replace in case of broken head.
  • Provides most area weeds throughout quickly due to its back and forth function.


  • Work well in very rocky soils. So take precaution to work with rocky or heavy soil.
  • Single use tool not a multi-tasker. Better work when comes up to moving soil such as furrows and filling up squash or potatoes.


Best Garden hoe Corona CT3740 eGrip Hoe/Cultivator

Diamond shaped with four sharpened edges so cut weeds on back or forth strokes made of carbon steel and sharp enough to effectively cut weeds with pulling or pushing. Can nick even small weeds as it’s contain Points of diamond-shape blade. Provide maximum service life as it has strong and welded solid socket connection.

Four edged best garden hoe blade is ideal for cutting weeds in comparatively hard area also excellent tool for loosening soil. Carbon steel blade is easy to sharpen and able to withstand in day-to-day work in year after year.

Cut on all sides due to Diamond Head, which are the advantage of this kind of hoe. Sharpened on both sides to cut either push or pull. Flipped it works well to loosen soils.

You should not bend as Set the hoe in right angle, it will not flat on the ground and you should not bend and just use it like hoe. This Product made in USA at Corona’s factory while parts made in the USA and Taiwan. It’s carbon steel that makes it the Best garden hoe. Diamond head allow cutting on all sides that’s the advantage however you can shuffle it back & forth.


  • Diamond shaped four edged blade work swiftly comparatively to other hoe
  • Work both in back and forth strokes and saves time and effort
  • Due to carbon steel and easily sharpen the edge with greatest durability.
  • Best option for the people has an illness of back pain due to it’s provide 60 inch long handle no need to bending or kneeling.
  • Fine and cleverly designed hoe which work well.
  • Diamond shape is a kind of intelligent, since it can move when cutting weeds beneath the surface and even cut very small roots.
  • Handle is sturdy and has a large surface and it feels like a solid tool at hand. Weeds like a world champion face quick cuts almost the baddest grass.


  • Not suitable for rocky soils
  • Blade will loose upon dragging on heavy soil; so take precaution to handle this tools.
  • Come up with No Sheath


Best Garden Hoe-Wilcox All-Pro 100, 10″ Stainless Steel Fine Pointed Garden Trowel, Indestructible

It’s build up with recycled agricultural disc blades. Extremely sharp and comes up with rounded edges that will last for a long time. Has 7 inch wide cut head that is sharpened on all three sides (7 x 2 and 3/8 inches). The hoe measure is 1 and 3/8 inch in diameter with a 60 inch handle.

More advanced models that become the best garden hoe for day-to-day activities which makes it one of the best garden hoe.

Multi-tasker compare to other types of Hoe. It’s very much effective in cutting as well as moving dirt and will save energy having wide cut head, sharpened on all three sides and able to keep its sharpen for long and it can work in tight and wide areas. Sharp hoe that makes the job easier and drastically faster.

Almost more like a lightweight, perpendicular axe than a hoe, because it chops through roots and smallish branches like cliches. Extremely heavy duty use in cutting very stubborn and tough weeds like Marestail out of soybeans that are defiant to herbicides.

Finally, Hard-hitting hoe and can get any hard weed or grass out without so much back-breaking effort moreover the hoe is razor-sharp on three sides.

Prohoe Rogue Garden Hoe is the best option to dig three-sided with sharpen edge. It can chop up heavy clay soil & remove weed from the soil. You can sharpen it’s very easily though totally depends on frequency of use and type of soil. For clay soil, you have to sharpen once in a year. You can easily restore the edge with a file.

It’s everlasting; you can do anything with this hoe. Extremely Sharpe and shouldn’t dull under regular use. The blade attached properly well and makes it the best garden hoe.


  • Sharp, strong, perfectly shaped blade, super strong handle.
  • Blade is sharp & efficient, and the long handle is certainly easier on the back.
  • Hoe is a back saver & this useful tool saves you from bending over to get at those pesky weeds.
  • Built like a tank and should last a lifetime with proper care.
  • Hoe is light but effective and the long handle allows work from an upright position.
  • Three-sided edge is sharp and handy for bearing down on a stubborn root.
  • Very sharp and easily cuts through shallow roots.
  • Perfect tool for digging up ground cover dying or thriving.


  • Blade is very sharp and to use caution when unpacking and using.


Best Garden Hoe- Hand Plow Hoe Korean Style

First of all, this is a multipurpose Gardening tool. Comes up with strong steel blade that is out-and-out sharp and a beechwood handle so there is no possibility to produce strain on arms, wrists and hands. Curved blade for planting, cultivating and trenching moreover easy to maneuver around plants and shrubs.

Korean types hoe and very easy to handle. This best garden hoe smaller makes more precise and lighter weight. Finally, In place where have a lot of clay in the soil, as a result of using this Hoe, mine fruits and veggies growing fast as soil soft and well aired.

It is sharp and ergonomic. Best option for weeding, loosening soil, planting after tilling, laying out plots or sections of garden and building earth dams for water.


  • Idle for senior gardener for it light weight.
  • Easy to handle produce comfortable feeling in hand.
  • Has very sturdy steel blade, one straight edge and one angled edge.
  • Work great for the home gardener planting small rows of vegetables.


  • Will not working better for the weeding and grasses that is heavier, more stone and root filled earth.


Best Garden Hoe- Nisaku Handheld Claw Rake Cultivator, Authentic Tomita Japanese Stainless Steel hoe

This is the superb cultivator and hoe combo where it’s has three tines rake and hoe provides mattock style cultivating fork breaks and loosens the soil in smaller pieces and removes roots, weeds.

It will stay for life time as it’s provide extreme strong,lightweight,rust resistant and weatherproof due to has Military Grade Steel and Wood Materials.

Product comes up with classic featured quality craftsmanship and details like beautiful Ergonomic Wooden handles provides firm grip cut wrist fatigue over a period of long time use. As its smaller size; you can store it easily at your garage when not in use.


  • Super handy tool that’s well-made, tough and gets the job done
  • Nice size, balance and weight, and given even minimal care, should last a very long time.
  • Better for weeding, digging up sprinkler heads, transplanting small to medium plants.
  • Long handle has 6 inches rubber grip protects from slipping during working Time.
  • Sturdy to use and the tool part is sturdy and doesn’t flop around and wiggle moreover works great in the yard and garden.
  • Better option for breaking up hard ground, heavy weeds cover and unwanted sod.
  • Better option for breaking up hard ground, heavy weeds cover and unwanted sod.
  • Pronged side is a better option for weed removal when run across a stubborn, deeply entrenched weed, just turn the tool over and chop it off at the roots.
  • Handy Sturdy tools for gardening, flower beds, trimming grass along edges and planting.


  • Small roots cut easily but having roots 1~ 2 inches just take longer.
  • Cuts through clay, rocky soil easily with this tool but Take precaution to cut and teeth will not bend.


Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator , Green

First of all,best garden hoe comes up with Amish-crafted, hardwood handles, Powder-coated steel wheel and frame includes set of 3 Cultivator Teeth . According to your requirement you can adjust the handle. Provide maximum output to small farmer who want a quality hand tools without gassing it up.

Wheel hoe can clean up your field with a single friction. Hoe on the back side of the wheel remove weeds decapitating it. Robust real and easy to dig the right grips that has real and who can, have a really serious big garden, yard, landscape and construction.

Finally,Hoss also makes a chic accessory for your wheel hoe, allowing you to plant a large garden in a limited time. A man could easily build a morning with a good hoe and wheel Hoss seeder.


  • Multipurpose use of a single hand tool keeps weeds out of your garden.
  • Better option for someone who are going to gardening manually, without gas or electricity.
  • Provide arms and shoulders a workout, and there’s a learning curve.
  • Finally,Best garden tool compare to another due to it’s really speeds up weeding and it’s a time saver.


  • Take Proper caution  during joining of attachment comes up with these tools.


Fiskars 38.5 Inch Long-handle Steel Edger

Comes up with tool measures 55 inches long; extra thick 12 gauge steel, triple wall wood reinforced fiberglass handle and 6-inch by 3.25- inch head; extended length ferrules, and welded I-beam supports reduce years of hard labor. Alternative of classic designs shovels, rakes and other popular tools to create more efficient, durable products. The high strength triple wall fiberglass that resists breakage. Extra thick steel heads easily work tough soil. Replacement or refund is available if these tools fail under normal use. Stands year after year in a minimal maintenance offering affordable and high quality goods.


  • First of all,Amazing tools to cut weeds in easy way comparatively to other hoe.
  • Simple push and pull action you cut weeds and churn up the soil and yank up all the roots into a pile.
  • Keeps the bed looking weed free.
  • Very easy to pull when properly sharpened.
  • Takes out the weeds like no other hoe.


  • Fixed blade angle is not suitable rocky soil otherwise its work well.


AMES 2917200 Saw-Tooth Border Edger with T-Grip, 39-Inch

Provides extreme strength and durability as the Tool comes up with triangular-shaped head with 4-3/4 inch. The Steel ferrule for strong blade and handle connection. It’s works best to prepare your beds for a variety of crops. Perfect tool for creating furrows and cultivating soil in between plants. Back of the head use to pull back the soil to plant new seeds.

Finally, Great for harvesting vegetables such as potatoes, celery, leeks and asparagus.


  • Excellent Garden Hoe for making rows or weeding.
  • Works better during plant new seeds in the garden.
  • Heavy duty enough to use in heavy calicoes soil with lots of limestone rock without any danger of breaking.
  • Works well for cleaning the weeds that grows between the curb and the street.
  • Finally, Well engineered and chops down thick weeds with single strike and metal does not bend twist, unlike ordinary hoes.


  • Hard or heavy or rocky soil metal interference rivet holding the head to the shaft may be apparently loose. So be careful about rocky soil.



First of all,As far as I am concerned, nobody will regret investing in any of the above mentioned Garden Hoe depending on their specified demand upon proper justification. Garden Hoes which mentioned above are newest and latest additions to the market and boast with features some of which have never been used before.

Finally,The above hoes design to sustain unfavorable environments and made of high quality and extremely durable materials and some are greatly lighter and some are little heavier depending on their size but most of them are more convenient to use than earlier model. 

Types of Garden Hoes

Still now most of the people think that the entire best garden hoe is same but the real thing is they are many types. Many gardens use conventional best garden hoe which is not the best option; you have change your classic best garden hoe into the new featured best garden hoe. You have to select your best garden hoe according to your pattern of work.

Wrestle Hoes-Also called scuffle hoe work by push and pulling into the soil line. Blades shapes may vary from diamond shape to triangular shape. All of the edges are same sharpen so called diamond hoe; this why it’s works best. You can find it as short and long handle as per your choice and type of work. 

Illustrate Hoes-Well known as draw hoe; this is a conventional hoe. It works in chopping motion, a wide blade attached to handle in upright position in right angle. Most of the cases it’s use for seeding or transplanting. Best for making mounds, digging soil and pull out weeds. You can do your wok as kneeling or standing using this hue because a short or long handle verity is available for this hoe.

Hula Hoes-Best work in forward and backward motion because the hoe has little blade compare to another hoe. Mainly designed for weeds out. The unique shape of the hoe just looks like as stirrup on saddle. You can also call it stirrup hoe

Collect its latest version from the current market which is very light weight and it will save your back for a longer period of working. You can also search for shock absorbent steel version of this hoe which will not reverberate your arm even heating something hard. This steel is very much durable and abrasion resistant. 

Warren Hoe-This is one kind of draw hoe but its bladed attached at Ninety degree angle and use as backward motion into the soil. Most of the warren hoe has triangular blade and best use for hard weeds and digging furrows.

You can use this area where you can’t work with draw hoe and the area where you can’t reach easily. A warren hoe is readily available with long handle but you can get it as short-handled and the hoe contains short handle has very sharp point. You can use both short and long handled hoe to pull out tough weed.

The blade of the hoe attached at upright position so easily you can save your back. This hoe best work for dry soil, loose soil or you can use it as shallow.

Best Garden Hoe Brands

Many companies make various types of garden. All of the company didn’t have same quality material to build up a best garden hoe. Some of the company really deals with best materials to build their best garden hoe.

Corona-They are leader in lawn and garden tools on Corona, California. Well known for their best engineered tools and give extreme quality and maximum durability. They provides conventional model best garden hoe to modern featured best garden hoe. They provide both long handle and short handle garden hoe. The use carbon steel to makes their best garden hoe.

Here we are going to familiar with some of the companies who are dealing with best quality for their customer to provide best garden hoe with updated tools version.

Prohoe-This is the kensas based company offer various types of best garden hoe. The use recycled agricultural disc blades which provide best quality to their unique tools. All of their tools come up with latest design and thinking that is very useful for a best gardener.

You may be familiar with their prohe rogue tools which are the best garden hoe on the current market. You can choose their wide range of products as scuffle hoe to multitasked tools.

Bully Tools-This company used 100% USA based original material to make their best garden hoe on Steubenville, Ohio. This company is the market leader for their best garden hoe having more than 200 products. The only give only long handled best garden hoe not short handle. Their best garden hoe has fiber glass handle for maximum durability and light weight.

Flexrake-They are the old company in this area; since from 1945. They are Temple City, California based company. The used a unique metal combination to make best garden hoe. This company give both long handle and short handle garden hoe for customer satisfaction.

How to select your best garden hoe depending on various types?

Precise choice of the best garden hoe makes the big dissimilarity to everyone. Garden hoes generally use to extricate weeds, cultivating garden and mounding soil.

We are very familiar with garden hoe and know very well to handle some of them but we have no lucid idea about their types. There are multiple types of garden hoes are available in our side which use in different purposes.

You can’t do all types of gardening jobs by a single best garden hoe; you have to collect multiples types of best garden hoe for different purposes. Some are superior for specific job like weeding, some are cultivating; some are mounding and so on.

If you able to choose the right best garden hoe, you will able to do your job most soothe way and your fatigue will ultimately reduce. It will also save your time and bucks.

All types of hoes follow a typical structure with specific purpose. Generally a long handle attached with a blade or stirrup at the end following an angle. Basic use of its goes to remove weeds and cultivate the garden.

You will find a little variety when you familiar with Draw hoe or paddle hoe. The long handle has a small paddle about 5 by 3 inches in 90 degree angle.

If you are newbie in best garden hoe, use Stirrup hoe. This is also known as loop hoe or shuffle hoe. The basic function of the hoe is to back and forth action to remove weeds without displaces soil.

You can use Orion hoe or Collinear hoe which paddle or blade is thin and long and best for narrow space. This best garden hoe has angular-blade so you’re free to work without bending that will save your back.

Another types of hoe has flat blade attached in 90 degree know as Dutch hoe or Warren hoe. If you want perform your gardening jobs while sitting or kneeing; choose a best garden hoe has short handle.

Safety Use of Gardening Tools

All the gardening tools contain sharp edge and care need to be taken during use of your best garden hoe. Most of the best garden hoe has to operate using hand and fingers and injuries also involve in hands and fingers.

To protect your hand you have to wear a pair of gardening gloves to protect from insects bite, skin irritation and unwanted cuts. Gloves also best work against thorns and injuries. Choose the handle of the best garden hoe properly so that you can use it effectively. This issue may be vital topics during safety use of best garden hoe.

Never use a tool which is already in dreadful condition and buy a brand new best garden hoe to avoid unwanted injuries.

Wear gloves during shoveling as sometimes soil has hidden substance like pieces of broken glass and sharp tree roots that can injure you. Adjust your best garden hoe firmly to avoid unfavorable situation during gardening.


After each use clean your best garden hoe with proper way and close the blade with safety catch, use sharpening stone or something like to sharpening your best garden hoe.

If you are not familiar with sharpening, you can take suggestion from your area expert or nearest garden center for sharpening.

Keep away your dull tools due to its will cost your energy and time. Use shade area to hang up forks, spades, rakes and hoes. This type of practice will save your child and neighbor due to the will not able reach there. Always warn your child not to reach there and discourage them to touch any of the hoe.

You can store your smaller hand tools such as secateurs, trowels in a bag to save them from dust and damp. Carrying small tools in pocket because serious injury due to you might forget about it.

Gardening Tools Buying Guide

Your outdoor is not as same as your neighbor so you have to choice your best garden hoe as per your garden size and intricacy. This matter will be serious when you observe that your neighbor best garden hoe is not working on your outdoor.

When you decide than your are going to buy a best garden hoe, you have to consider the four criteria – sturdiness, function, comfort and safety. You have to think about its weight and handle length- is it build as per your demand and meets with your strength.

Most of time, you think that buying a best garden hoe is the easy job; it’s the easy job as you think about it moreover it might be nightmare when you will not able to use it properly as per your requirement.

There are numerous best garden hoe present at your side with basic criteria with additional feature, you have to study enough before selecting a best garden hoe. You can’t use a single garden hoe for every purpose but you can maximize it.

When you decide that you are going to dig in to the dirt; you can use shovel or trowel. A spade like shovel is the best option which you can use it very comforts way comparatively the shovel having square blade.

If you demand is to did a small hole during plant seeds, seedling then Trowel is the best choice due to it works like small hand held shovel.

When you buy garden trowel and garden dibber? When you are going to make a small hole in to your garden in very fast and a garden dibber is the best option for your job due to it’s has pointed metal bet that you can easily push in to the ground. Best use for vegetable seeds and flower. This is the vital mater to understand the difference between a best garden trowel and garden dibber.

Garden Dibber-

  • Only digging hole for seed
  • So much fast and simple to use; anybody can use it
  • Produce same size hole on each and every operation

Garden Trowel-

  • Able to dig extensive holes and ditch
  • Not so easy to use; a little more work to done
  • Use for Seedling and seed

So it’s very clear that when you are going to only planting then Dibber is the best option and if needs seedling plant or trench need to dig then Trowel is the best. You can collect both to avoid multiple uses.

Garden Hoe

From the very ancient time, people are very much familiar with garden hoe and still they love it for its versatility. Extensively use in prepare ground, remove weeds and break up the dirt.

You have to use best cultivators to rake soil previously to planting. It may be long handled or hand held. Its turns the soil where plants will grow allow aeration, nutrients and diffusion of water.


You have to collect a pruner; if you hold plants or flower garden must need pruning. The bypass pruner and anvil pruner, these are the two main types. The bypass prunes is just like scissors best for tender stems in smaller size. Anvil pruner has a sharp blade which uses to cut flat surface.

Gardening Gloves

A best gardener always uses gardening gloves to prevent from injury. Gloves must be sturdy enough to protect from sharp-point of gardening tools, thorny plants and insect bite. If you want to work in your garden without garden gloves then you will fall in great problem if you got injury during gardening as various types of chemicals use in garden to grow up your plant.

Safety first! That’s the vital rule to start any job and your garden is not out of this rule. So it’s the sole duty for every gardener to collect a pair of sturdy gloves before start working.

How to recycle old gardening tools?

If you are not interest your old gardening tools though it requires minimum repairs and you can transfer this tools to other who can use it and get benefited from your tools rather than dumping.

 Re-Use Organization-There are many local organizations at your end and they receive it as donation and supplied this item to the other school like organization on free of charge. 

Online-Search online marked as you want to donate this item then you will found huge organization who want to accept your item. You can sell it on various types of online site.

Relatives and Friends-Discuss your topic with your friends and relatives; they can use it that you don’t want anymore. You can try on local notice boards to sell it.

Recycle- You can’t just throw your garden hoe on your classical recycle bin you have to dispose to local city corporation authority and must be familiar with local rules and regulation to dispose it or to handover the respective authority.

Re-Purpose Garden Tools

A best garden hoe becomes old after day after day continuous use. Your best garden hoe has a longevity period as you have; nothing is everlasting. So when you think that you can’t use your best garden hoe anymore then you can check it’s alternative use to make it memorable. In this reason we have developed some Idea about this matter so that you can turn your best garden hoe into a new shape for different type of use.

Garden Tools into Garden Gates-If you have long handed gardening tools like rakes, shovels and pick axe then you can use it to make a welcome get for your garden; for this job you need not to be professional artisan, this is very easy job and you can make it within couple of hours. Take proper precaution to avoid choking hazard. Best option is to wear best garden gloves to protect from injury because all garden hoe has sharp edge.

Hangers and Racks-You can make hanging rake if you contain an old hand cultivator; tine of the cultivator act as to hang on jackets, towels and various types of ornaments. Most of the cases we generally like to hang our keys on rake head and you can use the old rake for this purpose.

Door and Drawer Pulls-You can use your old hand garden tools to make pull and knob systems on cabinet and drawer by replacing the common system; this will makes a gardening impression to your new design and everybody must like it who are garden lover. Use old faucet in door and drawer pull will create primitive themes.