Garden Sprayer- How to Maintain it Very Easy Way

Garden Sprayer left long time due to our busy schedule to manage time for maintenance . In this way are going to dilapidated our dollar, our tools because we can save both of them by a sort time clean up after using it. Always we have to remember that we are going to clean thoroughly after use it with fresh water. After washing it, turn it upside down and let it dry before further use.

We have to careful during choice of Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides while to support Garden Sprayer that’s seems to be very basic. It’s very important to full coverage of your plant that is suffering from different types of unwanted situation specially various types of plant diseases. During spray time some of the plant may be escape out due to lacking of coverage. This lacking may be came out from faulty or displacement of your spray nozzle that’s results from leave the Garden Sprayer at unclean condition after single use for a long time.

If lost its original pattern compare to its standard you can’t expect better area coverage by it at any condition. You have to optimize its spray pattern because you can use water-sensitive paper or a fluorescent dye to test the spray pattern.

When a spray pattern comes to our focus we have to make ensure that during spray time the every single plant gets droplets from top to bottom. Most of the time we only assure that the top leaves are getting full droplet compare to bottom where diseases are still in the bottom side.

Maintenance Procedure Garden Sprayer:

Most of the Garden Sprayer has a very basic tools system which can be keep up easily.

First of all, we have to disassemble the connecting parts of the Garden Sprayer such as Spray nozzle. Do not leave chemicals in the tank overnight due to all the Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides are chemically made of hard materials. Precipitate store inside of the main container of the sprayer. To avoid this unwanted situation we have to use liquid dish washing soap if sticky residues appear otherwise a better flush of clean water is preferable.

Second of all, clean the filters and nozzle tips using slightly clean warm water. Clean the outside of the entire Garden Sprayer using clean water. Don’t forget to wipe the motor and pump with soggy cloth.

Third of all, after cleaning leave your Garden Sprayer for a certain time and let it dry by keeping it upside down. Check for any replacement parts.

Finally, store your favorite Garden Sprayer in a suitable place so that you can use its better condition.

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