Perfect Planting Hole, How to Dig it most easy Way

Now a days, some people are going to start planting without collecting proper information about tree plantation. Specially they don’t know how to dig a perfect planting hole before start plantation. This topic is for those who are really wanted to know how to dig a perfect hole for specific type of tree.

Step-1: Collection of Dirt

Before starting to a hole for tree you have to collect a bag or something like that where you are going to collect your dirt, spreading a plastic tarp may be a better option.

Step-2: materials list for planting hole:

  • Bucket to hold nutrients for tree.
  • Warm Water
  • Digging shovel with Round-point
  • Mulch- for spreading around or over a plant to enrich the soil such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost
  • Pickaxe for Rocky Ground

Step-3: start digging a hole

In the selected place start digging a hole with Round-pointed shovel and collect dirt into a previously spread a plastic tarp.

Dig a perfect planting hole which is three times than the tree’s root ball, you can use Pickaxe if the ground is too much rocky to dig otherwise simply Round-pointed shovel is better option to dig for normal soil. Make sure your hole is slightly higher than root ball.

After completion of digging hole place your selected tree into it and apply the Mulch around the root for easy growing your tree.

You have to make sure that your soil is well aired, proper water drainage and has enough nutrients to grow up trees.


Think about your personal safety, use shoes that will cover feet and protect you to avoid any unwanted situation.

Before you place the tree in the hole-

  • Apply slightly warm water in supplied container which holds the tree to soak the root ball properly.
  • Cut the supplied plastic string or wrap and dispose of them all.
  • Remove the container and slice it to open up your tree.
  • Use muddy soil to fill the hole that will give better settling and proper nutrition to the roots.
  • Avoid dried roots otherwise you are going to lose your favorite tree.

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