How to make a small garden- a practical overview?

If you have a small yard and you re are want to make a garden; it doesn’t matter that you hold only small place need nothing but determination and Know how to do it. We are going to discuss about it so that you can know it precisely.

SIZE MEASUREMENT- Measure your defined space physically to confirm how much space actually you hold. Check type of weather and exposure in your selected space. Confirm about sun and shade availability. Check about surroundings as it has wall, fence or any kind of tree and other landscape present or not. Have any weeds in your selected place or its soil types is clay or sand type, just check this measure.

WATER SUPPLY- Have you now hold water source at your side? You have to confirm that you hold hose to supply to your selected are otherwise you have to confirm about watering process to your area. You can use a large can or tank to watering your place.

PURPOSE- What’s your purpose to make your garden? your interest may be about food plants or herb plants or both. Let’s clarify it. It may be your indoors where you can place a table, chair or something like that? You can make your garden most attractive by applying some basic idea to your plan. Think about it at your own way.

DECISION- If you are determined that you are going to make a garden seriously, try to find your place which is store free. Most of the houses generally use store place in a vacant are where bicycle type product or discarded materials, old useless materials are present. You have to just keep it away or discard as much article that is really unnecessary and you will never use it in the upcoming future. What’s your benefit to store that useless garbage? Now arrange the useful one.

DECORATION- Most of the case you want to decorate your place but it not a good idea to decorate it first. You have to just develop the area fist then think about decoration.

FENCE- You have to build up a fence at your garden to define it where your tree branches nearly lay down. This also the high up feature for your garden. Fence will define your garden as you hold that place for your garden.

WALKING PLACE- Make a space so that you can work in your garden comfort. You can add bench or chair in garden for working purpose.

LET THIS GO UP- As you hold small place so you have raise your garden vertically as your horizontal space is small. Try to use taller container plant for your garden, fence or tree support to rise up.

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