Best Garden Sprayer-How to Choose a from Current Market

Best garden sprayer is essential tool to spraying the solution has Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides. Solution may be liquid or suspension or water-soluble power to spray at a defined pattern.


Trigger Garden Sprayer

The simplest sprayer for small-scale operation where 1 to 2 liter solution need to reach the goal. This is very inexpensive sprayer compare to other sprayer.Simple plastic squeeze pump handle mounted on a plastic bottle. Sometime marking is not clearly visible; so beware of marking before buy it.

End Hose  Garden Sprayers

An End Hose sprayer generally comes up with adjustable nozzles for covering a wide area, different sixteen setting dilute the blend in specific ratio though the latest hose-end.  Sprayers don’t require any setting at all. Blend such as Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides are just pouring into the bottle then mixing and dilution occur in the sprayer head.

The device on the sprayers help to mix the blend at a specific ratio where the water drawn the blend as per selected proportion to the stream.

Hose-end sprayer considered as money saver due to no left over blend is not wasted by it. The blend that is left as sediment back in the main container for further use moreover it’s requiring no pumping at the Hose-end.

Work of this type is very simple where you have to just adjust the nozzles to direct the spray at a specific area that you want.

Compression Garden Sprayers

This type of sprayer comes up with different types of capacity between 1 and 3 gallon which makes them the most widely used in recent time. Ability of  the Compression sprayers plays a vital role due to smaller size tends to clog compare to large one. Generally a 2 gallon (Over 9 Liter) sprayer betters enough to handle it.

You have to  build pressure by pumping with the help of handle to raise the pressure of the tank.

Backpack Garden Sprayers

This type of sprayer commonly used in such a way where high-pressure is required to reach the defined target. Capacity may vary from 5 to 7 gallon to carry as backpack or side type. A constant pumping is vital to carry out the spray operation during spray time. This will be a better decision to make your solution bucket prior to start spray on your selected area.

Backpack sprayer is more effective than any other hand-operated sprayer but you have to pump constantly otherwise stream will not reach the peak point. The pump operation based on the push and pull function which maintains the stream at a certain time.

Pump Sprayers

Most effective sprayer which use in large-scale operation made of high-impact plastic or galvanized steel which can handle up to 7 gallon of mix.

Check the Sprayers Parts:

Different types of parts available which made of various types of plastic and metal.

Best garden sprayer Nozzles:

It’s mainly two types hollow-cone nozzles best for spray pesticides and fungicides on shrubs and flat fan nozzles best for applying herbicides made of brass or galvanized steel.

A flat fan nozzle provides more precision and control over hollow-cone nozzles.


The tank must contain a wide mouth over funnel-shaped top. The tank contain wide mouth is very convenient for filling the solution in to the tank and very easy to clean up which prevent to store any particles of debris in the tank.


Best garden sprayer which didn’t come up with safety valve try to avoid it due to the safety valve automatically open when the pressure reaches an adequate point  and has a major role during cleaning period. You to use this safety valve to release the pressure after complete your spraying on plant otherwise you have to unscrewing the top to release the pressure.

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