Why Carbon Steel use in Garden Hoe over Stainless Steel?

Carbon St also known as Plain-Carbon Steel where Carbon and Iron are uniformly mixed where other element like Manganese(Mn), Silicon(Si) & Copper (Cu) present in small amount as 1.65%,0.60% and 0.60% respectively.

Classification depend on their composition with other element.

Low : 0.05% ~ 0.25% carbon with 0.4%Manganese provides less strength; easy to bend. Also known as Wrought iron used in doors, balconies, window grates and other architectural elements.

Moderate : 0.29% ~ 0.54% carbon with Manganese varies from 0.60 ~1.65% provides moderate strength. Mainly used structural purposes in bridges and buildings.

High : 0.55% ~ 0.95% carbon with Manganese varies from 0.30 ~0.90% provides higher strength. Used in springs and steel wires.

Very high : 0.96% ~ 2.10% carbon specially used in atomic and molecular microstructures. Also used in pipes, machine parts, automobile components.

Mainly used in motor and electrical appliances for their ferromagnetic nature. Garden Hoe mainly made of from carbon steel for their high degree of strength.

If we make garden Hoe from stainless steel, we can’t use it for harder soil due to bending tendency while make it from Carbon steel provides good measure of strength. When we will try to sharpen a stainless steel Hoe will not stay sharper comparatively to the Carbon steel hoe though the stainless steel is more wear resistant. It will take less time to sharpen a Carbon steel hoe than a stainless steel hoe due to the Carbon steel is stronger than stainless steel.

Comparative Study: Carbon Steel


  • Very much Strong made of Carbon(C) and Manganese (Mn) in different proportion.
  • Widely used in motor and electrical appliances
  • It is stronger than stainless steel
  • Very much easier to sharpen the edge than Stainless Steel (SS).


  • Don’t expose long time in dirt, rust may appear.
  • Water sensitive
  • Must be clean up after single use; Don’t leave it unclean stage.

Comparative Study: Stainless Steel


  • Made from Iron (Fe) and Chromium (Cr) provides anti-corrosiveness and shine appearance.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • You can leave it long period of time; No rust will appear here.
  • Very suitable in moist environment.


  • Less strong
  • Not suitable for heavy machineries where strength matter.

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