Formal Garden-an approach to a Formal Garden over Natural Garden

Introduction to Formal Garden

Formal Garden is the area of land that belongs to any house where the children are usually playing with various types of garden swing set; flowers and other plants a grown in a harmonious way as per personal demand and satisfaction.

Garden can be classified as Formal Garden which is creates by men and Informal Garden which is creates by nature.

Formal Garden

First of all,this is also known as Classic garden. Most of the cases; in the past this type of garden owned by noble family but in modern days anyone can start this type of garden if he truly want it.

Selection of Classical Plant

Usually classic plant like as Chinese juniper (Juniperus chinensis ) and Spartan juniper (Juniperus chinensis ) choose for their fancy look.If you want beautiful color then Ornamental pears (Pyrus calleryana) can be your best choice.


Also called ornaments for garden such as water spring, Statues, attractive plant which is known as feature plant. Sometimes you can use a piece of mirror to increase illusion of smaller gardens. Setting up a colorful bright light will increase the impression during night period.

Step by Step Overlapping:

If you owned large area for gardening; you can overlap the step for better impression that will create a certain type of plant species. You have to think enough for better match of the species and some species can pulverize your garden basic points of view.

Create Small Pathway

This will allow entering any area where you want to maintenance during unwanted situation. This will also allow to creating small details in your garden. You can plant small tree around the pathway to create extra visual.

Adding Water Details

Finally, Everybody will love it if you add a water feature in your garden. The amazing sounds of water will create a mental happiness to all. The water feature will be in such a way so that it will create a great impression to the viewers.

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