Why we use Backpack Sprayer over handheld sprayer?

A standard backpack sprayer generally comes up with at the range of 2 Gallon to 8 Gallon. If you working in immense area; choose a small tank with light weight, cheap and easy to handle. So many accessories will hamper your work flow.

The holding tank design with High Density Polyethylene otherwise your tank will not withstand with high pressure; it will burst, leak or create any unwanted situation.

Check your wand of the backpack sprayer if it made from durable metal . Plastic or brittle brass made wand cause great problem to your back pack sprayer. Check the warranty First!

Connectors is straight forward so that you can handle it your own way. Check about pump type-hand pump is the best option to handle it as you can pump it is most easy way!

Caution to be taken at the use abrasive chemical which can destroy the piston so try to use non-abrasive chemicals.

A diaphragm pump is better than the piston pump though it creates anxiety but comparatively more durable and best deal with pesticides, herbicides and various types of chemical. A battery operated back pack sprayer is the best choice for the senior citizen.

How to Use Garden Sprayers

A best garden sprayer is the best tool for an Ideal Gardener. This is also  exasperating and defy if not hold a best garden sprayer even in most patient gardener. This is very much inevitability to a garden and very useful too. You can use it to apply the wide range of liquids as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides various types of chemical including fresh water.
It is imperative that you have to use sprayers the right way otherwise it cause the problem to you. You must clean it after each and always keep away from the children.

The sprayer you use in herbicides; try to not use it as pesticides use only in herbicides as residue of the herbicides cause great damage to your favorite plant.

Sometimes you have to use powder or granule for your plant; in this case you have to dilute the powder as instruction then fill it to the backpack sprayer in liquid form then you go.


Sprayer Types

Various types of sprayer around our side containing its advantages and disadvantages

Compression Sprayer- Contains a tank with several gallons of liquid with it. Mix the actual amount of product and water the pump up the sprayer. The compressed air helps you to forces out the mixture. The best deal is that you can use it as in most correct way in finest spray and you can carry it any place. No hassle for hose.

Hand Pump Sprayers- Most easiest type of sprayer just squeezes it but before squeezing please read the safety measures and recommendation. Most of the garden products come in ready to use style dilution with hand spray system moreover its economical.

Hose End Sprayer- Having wide range of variation; come up with empty plastic tank can use in various types of dilution. Most of the sprayer has shut –off valve and you can use concentrated dilution with it. This is also light weight and in expensive.

Ready-to-Use Hose-End Sprayer- Come up with ready to use garden product. These sprayers are the ones that come attached to the container of the pre-mixed garden product. You can use it in more convenient way as you need not to do any further processing i.e. mixing or measuring. One thing that you have to use it in specific product not for multi use.

Hose End Sprayer without a Dial- This type of sprayer just design for advanced user not for common user due to this type of sprayer is very much confusing and complicated. This not ready to use jar; you have to make it as per direction.

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